Friday, December 25, 2009

The End of the year is here.

Well, The Year end best movie list that I will pump out every year is here. It is all in order of what I liked.

1. The Hurt Locker
2. The Messenger
3. Up
4. Inglorious Basterds
5. District 9
6. Avatar
7. Public Enemies
8. Zombieland
9. Precious
10. 500 Days of Summer

I felt proud to watch all of those movies in cinemas. It was a great year for movies as the old(Quentin Tarantino), the new (Neil Brokemp) and my favorite (Michael Mann) made my year.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Top 10 teams that will make it to the world series.

1. The Tampa Bay Rays

 Yes. They suffered a horrific defeat in the world series at the hands of The Phillies. But I think they can make a strong comeback because they have a solid young pitching staff with Garza, Kazmir, and Shields. Also have a strong bullpen with Wheeler, and JP Howell. They need a better closer though, because Pervical has high ERA every year that he is their closer. 

2. Chicago Cubs

You ask why number 2? Well, they have a fantastic team, getting Rich Harden last year from the A's, and then getting Milton Bradley in the offseason, but overall they have a great rotation, a solid bullpen, and some great young up and coming guys. They have possibly the second best corners in Baseball, next to the Rays and I think they are a high contender for the 'ship.

3. Boston Red Sox 

Wow. I am impressed with their GM. He Got Bay, Smoltz, Ramon Rameriez, and Brad Penny and Saiito or how ever his name is spelled in like 2 years time. They have won the world series in 2004, and in 2007. But the first two teams are going to make sure they don't get the third one because I feel that their time to shine was past and they need to let someone else do it, but they are still a high contender for the crown.

4. The L.A. Dodgers.

I used to HATE this team. no kidding, now I cannot believe they have one of the top teams in the west right now because they lost a lot of good pitchers, but they have young guns like Billingsly, and Karsaw to help them, and they got Kuroda  too. But the talk of the team is the 2 year Contract worth over 50 millon that Manny Rameriez signed. yes. I believe he's a douchebag, and Manny Being Manny is one  of the best catchphrases ever, but that mother can hit the ball far. they have Kemp, and Either to round out the cast of outfielders, and you have the best outfield in baseball, in my opinon. 

5. The Florida Marlins

When I am not rooting for the Braves or the Rays, I keep up with the Marlins and see how they are doing. They are doing fantastic. Last week, I found they went 11 -4 or something and then hit a rough patch, but I know they will pull through. They lost Gregg, Nelson, Olson, WIllingham, and numerous others over the offseason, but Ross takes over WAY better in left and Baker is a catcher to watch, also Their new rebuilt pitching staff scares the crap out of me. Nalasco Volstad, Sanchez, Miller? my god, those are some good arms. 

6. The Atlanta Braves

Ok, let's get it out of the way. I am a braves fan, and yes I guess you're probably wondering why I put these guys so low on the list? well. 2 main problems I am having with the braves. One Closer. What the hell was Bobby thinking putting Gonzelz on as the closer? that dude almost blew like 5 saves out the window. The fans are pissed off about it. 2. we need a left fielder. I am sorry but why did we get a 35 year old outfielder? didn't we learn the lesson with Sheffield and Jordan? But, the redeeming quality is the staff. My god. Lowe, Vasquez, and Jurrjens? Add Hudson when he gets back from Rehab of his arm, and BAM we got it.  

7. The Pittsburgh Pirates.

Well, They are a team of COMPLETELY young kids right now because Nady went to the Yankees, Bay went to the R.Sox, and numerous other trades happend. Nate Mclough though is one of THE best center fielders in the majors now. you want proof? look at the 2008 All star game, HE THROWS A GUY OUT AT THE PLATE! Their pitching staff is good, but needs work, but the pitchers they aquired in the trade, are doing good work so far. 

Ok, the last 3 are going to be freebies, because I don't really know who else deserves to go. 

8. Minnesota Twins
They came out of nowhere last year and almost won the division. They lost Santana, but gained Gomez other players. They have the drive and the work ethic to do it. I can see them playing in the world series. Fransico Liorano...their undistputed ace of the staff. also, D.Young in the left field.  They have power, they have speed, and they have the heart. 

9. The St. Louis Cardinals.
They got their ASS KILLED in the world series by the r.sox, but they have come back and worked hard. Khalil Greene was a nice pick up, and they have a good staff of pitchers lead by Carpetner and Wainwright. I could see them in the playoffs again.

10. The Washington Nationals.......PYSCH!
no,  The Los Angles Angels

Yes, they lost Texiera and the potiental filled Aiendart, but they are a solid team that has defense, good pitching and a decent bullpen. 

Well, that was my list. I hope you find it ok, and I really might change my mind, but these are the teams I believe in. 

See This?

This is the Future Looking You In the face.

The world is a technology driven mecca for everybody. This is ladies and gentleman, is the PSP. in my opinon the newest version of The really popular 90's Game Gear, one of my favorite handhelds. I see that people have this or a DS. and I have to say the DS is really stupid because it's basically a touch screen where you can TOUCH the screen. WOW that is remarkable. I mean I HAVE TO USE MY FINGERS FOR STUFF OTHER THAN BUTTON MASHING? NICE. I find stupid that even Beyonce has one now, and Carrie Underwood. I am like WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS CRAP?
I feel that the PSP is the best handheld out there. Why? Can your prescious DS play movies, music, AND HAVE a good size catolog of awesome games? No? then THROW YOUR SHIT OUT THE WINDOW THEN, because my PSP is not leaving my hands, and it will never leave until you pry it from my cold dead hands! 


What is this video?

I was watching MTV last night, and I felt a weird feeling going through my brain as I watched this video, so I downloaded these singers' albums, and then I listened. Well. to my surpise, they are good, but This video is one of the worst I have ever watched. If I wanted to watch people go through time square and run around naked, I'll just go there New Years eve when it gets really fucking crazy.